This web site was born out of an interest in my Celtic heritage, and a desire to explore and understand the early roots of the Celts.  My journey has literary taken me from one side of what is now Wales to another, and then into England, Scotland and Ireland. I have explored Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Gold Mines, Lakes and Rivers, ancient Tombs, Hill Forts and Sacred Sites, as well as visiting Museums and reading copious books and papers about the Celts.

Like many people, I could not help but be fascinated by the mysteries of the Druids, that religious group whose learning and beliefs are generally lost in the mists of time, and further obscured by a set of modern day beliefs thrust upon them by mostly well meaning people. According to Caesar it took up to 20 years of study to become a Druid, and their knowledge and understanding was held in high esteem by both Greeks and Romans.  And now it has largely vanished.

Standing Stones, Stone Circles, are they really Celtic?  I leave it to you to decide, but for me there is a heritage ingrained in the land that the occupants of these islands shaped, formed, and absorbed even as they transformed it.

There is a book loosely associated with my exploration, The Wisdom of Rhiannon. It gave me great pleasure to write it, and use it as the basis of the journey across Wales.  It is certainly not great literature, but it also served as an inner journey for me, to make sense of my own journey through life. A broad outline of the book can be found here.

The site is organised very loosely, as follows:
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