The Lake

Llyn Fawr is a lake that was extensively reconstructed in the years before the First World War, and during this work, many Celtic treasures were found.  These were gifts thrown into the former lake, and offer a rare insight into the arts and crafts of the Celts. 

The finds include two massive bronze cauldrons, bronze axes and sickles, bronze horse harness gear, a triangular shaving razor, and part of a finely decorated iron sword with bone handle. The sword is rare, an example of imported military equipment. It and the cauldrons are now  on display at the National Museum in Cardiff.

At the Lake, Rhiannon and Geraint have their next adventure in a Crannog.  A Crannog is a house built on stilts in a lake.  There are many Crannogs found in Scotland and Ireland, although none of a similar age have yet been found in Wales.  (However a possible site built about AD889 has been found near Brecon.)

But if there were to be one, this would have made an ideal location, so who knows?