The Inner Journey

In writing the book, as  much as a making the physical journey I was also trying to understand my inner journey.

I disguised this as an adventure and a search for the Cauldron of Wisdom.  For both Rhiannon and Geraint, life gives them what they need.  The lessons to inwardly grow and discover who they are, no matter how painful those lessons may be.

That was my personal journey translated into the book, sometimes writtened by me, sometimes by the story itself interpreting my inner thoughts in a way that I could not. Crazy?

We may think that life is only about the outer journey.  About travelling the world perhaps, or making money and becoming rich, getting promotion, or perhaps being recognised for our artistic talents.  Yet the reality of these external goals which we value so highly is that they are merely the vehicle for our own inner journey, for our discovery of who we really and truly are, for why we have been born, and the purpose behind our journey through life. 

The lessons we learn are those that we are intended to learn, however they come about.  Sometimes we try to avoid them, but life has a habit of continuing to give us the lessons that we need, rather than the lessons we would like.

Yet the whole purpose of life is to make the journey; the destination is unimportant, the making of the journey is all. How else will you grow, mature, and learn to be what you really are?


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