The World is as the World is meant to be

For how could it be otherwise?  There is much in the world that is hard to accept. Death, disaster, pain starvation, greed, the death of those who have done no wrong.

Yet somehow this is meant to be, for the world is perfect, it is here for a purpose, as are we here for a purpose.  For Rhiannon in the story, through the tragic and painful death of her parents, she found her own destiny, and through following her own path, she helped to shape the destinies of a nation.

Yet this does not mean we accept the way things are, that everything that happens is inevitable and cannot be changed.  To the contrary, each one of us can have an impact, will change the world, for better or for ill, but what we do matters.  Each one of us must strive to make the world a better place, and to understand our place in this world, and our purpose and destiny.  For that too is meant to be.


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